Slévárna Vysoké Mýto

In the year 2023 the company has 55 employees. The production program consists 2/3 aluminium castings and 1/3 brass castings, of which 40 % are intended for Czech engineering plants and 60% are intended for foreign customers from EU countries.

Currently used technologies:
  • production of permanent-mould castings from Al alloys;
  • production of pressure die castings from Al alloys;
  • gravity casting of Al and Cu alloys into sand moulds.
Weight range of castings:
  • permanent-mould castings: 0.1 - 10 Kg
  • pressure die castings: max. 3.2 Kg
  • sand moulding: from 0.1 - 50 kg; maximum dimensions 1,000 x 800 mm
Standardly used materials:

Aluminium alloys
Al Si10 Mg (a) ČSN EN 1706 EN AC-43100 (DIN 239) 85%
Al Si9 Cu3 ČSN EN 1706 EN AC-46000 (DIN 226) 5%
AlMg5 ČSN EN 1706 EN AC-51300 (DIN 244) 5%
Al Si12 Mn ČSN EN 1706 EN AC-47000 (DIN 230) 5%
Cu - Brass alloys
Cu Zn16 Si4 ČSN EN 1982 CB761S
Cu - Bronze alloys
Cu Al10 Fe5 Ni5 ČSN EN 1982 CB333G
Lot size:
  • both single parts and lots up to 450 000 parts per year can be produced, depending on the applied production technology
The foundry has its own pattern shop, which produces the complete pattern equipment. Also, production of metal moulds according to clients s needs is provided. The foundry is furnished with equipment for heat treatment of Al alloys.

Surface treatment of the products is performed using the abrasive material CrNi10 or using vibration tumbling, according to agreement with the customer.

Present typical products:
  • castings for engineering and food industry;
  • fittings;
  • centrifugal pumps;
  • valves;
  • suction piping;
  • thermostat housings and others.
The present monthly output is about 18 tons of castings from Al alloys and about 8 tons of castings from Cu alloys.

The total annual capacity is 450 tons of castings.

The company has a CNC machining shop.

Slévárna Vysoké Mýto s.r.o.,
Pražská 123, 566 01 Vysoké Mýto, tel.: +420 465 420 489, fax: +420 465 420 497